The American Institute of Pyramidology (AIP) is the largest paid-membership organization in the world centered on studying the Great Pyramid of Giza.  

The AIP was started after the collapse of the Institute of Pyramidology (IP), founded by Adam Rutherford in Harpenden, England. Rutherford's institute existed to promote the prophetic symbolism and divine handiwork of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Rutherford's son James continued with the work of the IP after his father's death in 1974, but when James then died in a car accident, the IP came to an end.

The AIP is continuing the work of the IP, to keep an organized witness on earth to the divine and prophetic indications of the Great Pyramid.  Current AIP Director Larry Pahl is reinvigorating the AIP web presence in 2018.  The site has been largely inactive for over a decade.

The Great Pyramid was built by Egyptians, within historical times. That is unquestionably true. The question is, where did the Egyptians get the plans for the Great Pyramid?  This, and other questions surrounding the enigmatic Great Pyramid are discussed in our free studies...
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